Changes to hopefully increase privacy

I decided to change e-mail providers.
I’m leaving GMail and moving to Protonmail, which should be more privacy friendly.
Since I’m doing the move mostly for a privacy reason, I’m not going to redirect any e-mails sent to my GMail account to the new Protonmail account. So send your unreplied e-mail again to my Protonmail account.

I’ve also created two addresses.
For commissions, use: commission (@)
For general inquiries use: contact (@)
Hopefully everything is working fine now.

Adding to that, I’m providing my own* public key so you can send me GPG encrypted e-mails, in case you want to be (more) sure that nobody besides me will read the messages you send.
Click here to download my public key.

If you send me an encrypted e-mail, I’ll assume you want encrypted replies.
If you send me your public key, I’ll use it to encrypt my reply. If you don’t, I’ll use Protonmail’s encryption option, which allows me to send emails encrypted with a password**.

Lastly, I decided to start accepting some cryptocurrencies (for increased privacy, to some extent). Currently I’m accepting BTC, ETH, Dash and LTC.
As I’m still testing, I’m not sure for how long I’ll accept these, nor if I’ll stick to these cryptocurrencies. I may change or just drop these altogether in the future.
Also, I’m still getting the hang of how they work so the first few people that pay with these will be my guinea pigs.

*To clarify, I generated the key pair myself, using GPG. I’m not using the PGP keys that Protonmail provides and I’ll only use their encryption if you don’t include your public key when you send me an encrypted e-mail.
**I’ll give you directions on how to find the password.
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Yeah, I opened a tumblr blog.
This blog is linked to that tumblr which means you can follow that blog to stay updated about new releases.
By linked I mean that every post I post in this blog will also be posted as a tumblr post linked back the original post I posted here. But I’ll also post unique posts to tumblr that I won’t post here so you may want to check the posts I post in tumblr too because those posts will only be posted there.

By unique posts I just mean random standalone SFW and NSFW images that I translated, nothing unrelated to this world of 2D fappable material.

So, yeah, if you don’t use twitter AND don’t use rss reader AND wants to be informed of when I post new releases AND have a tumblr account, you can use the latter to do the one before the latter! So go check that out.

Update RSS Feed url

Just wanted to inform everybody that I’m not going to use Feedburner for RSS feed anymore. Feedburner does not updates the feed automatically, forcing me to resync every time I make a post so I’m leaving to use the default wordpress feed.

So please update the subscription url!
The new url is for every new post is:

Following me on twitter is also another way of getting updates notices quickly.

Shit, time flies.

Shit, time surely flies.
I’ve been away for quite a long time now, longer than I expected I’d be.
Tons of shit have changed in the meantime and this site was left gathering dust.
I bet lots of links are dead by now and there is a handful of comments to go through. Will check those later.
I do have some new releases available, besides the game I just posted, so if you’re still receiving notifications about updates from this site, there’ll be some releases soon.

I have a lot of shit to organize too, oh my.


Ok, I’m still alive. Somehow.

Been neglecting this project for almost a month now. It was a hectic month and June won’t be much different, though I’m hoping it’ll be less.

Got completely worn out due to stress, had some health issues because of that (yes, stress can get you sick), but damn college won’t wait so time to catch up. In the past month I haven’t even checked the e-mail due to all RL issues and I’m here issuing a public apology for that. You may want to resend any e-mail I didn’t reply.

Also, a “new” release is ready and coming soon.

Updating the situation

So, it’s been a long time since I last updated this. What’s going on?
In short, lack of time. To be more precise, college.

There’s a lot of stuff to do, lots of readings, assignments and tests and I’m still having a hard time getting all this shit together and organizing my time.

I also have a backlog of commissioned translations to do but it’s taking me much longer than it should.

Still, this project of mine will go on. And I have two releases scheduled for today so you can expect new content soon.

Finally got this back up

Had some trouble with the site. Peaks of CPU usage, no idea why one plugin decided to completely hog the CPU. Anyway, I’m preparing the next release so it should be ready in a few(?) minutes. Meanwhile, I decided to write this post because SMDC-Translations have officially released it’s 200th release. Yes, the previous release was the 200th release in the official counting (aka my counting). And it took less than one year though it’s really close).
Anyway, try this one month key. Maybe you’re the first one.
yj70hc2y9a6gkhkyxinfaghhg2ywuios – Gone already

Also, don’t forget about the twitter account as another source of release notification.

Twitter account added

Because why not?

Anyway, it’s there and it’ll just tweet when I make a new post so now if you want to receive a message when I make a new post you can either subscribe to the RSS feed or follow this twitter account.

For the time being, it’ll be just an automated account that will shot a message whenever I make a new blog post. Maybe I’ll use it for something else after I learn how to use it.

And a new release should be coming later today.

Imagehost preference survey

Ok, as some may have noticed, in my last release I used another image host for the post image instead of using Imagevenue. I used to choose Imagevenue for the posts images because I thought it had no ads, but it seems they do have ads for adult images so it pretty much loses the point.
So I decided to change hosts and see the reaction. If nobody commented about it, I’d leave it like that. If somebody commented about it, I’d post this to gather some opinions. Since I’m posting this, it means somebody commented about the image host.

Anyway, I’ve used quite a few image hosts here and I’d like to know what’s the preference you guys have for the image host I use to host the image of the posts.

The options I currently have (read: where I have an account) are:



From all of these, Imagevenue is the only one that does not pay the uploader and I don’t really care about it, as long as they don’t put ads on it (something they do). Not only that, there’s also the “Traffic Drive” feature that puts other people’s link in other people’s image which, for some reason, I can’t use with this domain. Sad.
The other ones are all pay-to-share type of hosts therefore it’s expected that they’ll show you some ads.

So, which image host should I use for the post images? Should I stick with Imagevenue? Should I go with one of the pay-to-share ones? Do you know of any other good, free image host that allows adult content and doesn’t show adds?
Let me know in the comments.

[Non-H] Giving a hand to a friend of mine

Ok, this non-h Friday release is a little bit different. Actually, this post is more a help to a friend of mine than a release (though there’s a download link).

He started a blog about whatever recently and the latest post is about Pokemon. The blog is interesting and all but I’m not writing this only because of that.
The thing is, this friend of mine decided to translate a Pokemon doujinshi for this post and he asked me to do the editing. Since it was a pretty short and easy one, I ended up accepting his request.

The doujinshi in question is a safe for work doujinshi and when he sent me the raws, I was pretty sure there’s already an English version of it available, but I didn’t know where to find it because I didn’t remember the name (later I found out that the doujinshi doesn’t have a title). I told him this and he sent me the English version available. Checked his translation and the available one with the raws and I’d say that both my friend’s and the already available version are pretty close, so there really was no real need to make a re-release, but since he made a Brazilian Portuguese version too, I ended up re-editing the English version since it wasn’t that much of a trouble.

Since his blog is a SFW one, we decided not to include my credits on the translation so unwarned readers who find his blog won’t reach mine accidentally. And he didn’t mind me releasing it here and it’s not a problem for me either because I already release some non-h doujinshi.

You can check the post and the translation at my friend’s blog:
Eternal Digression of a Spotted Mind

If you want you can download it by clicking here (Mediafire).

Also, he writes both in English and Portuguese so for all Portuguese speakers (mainly Brazilians, I guess) who visit SMDC-Translations, you can visit his blog and find this doujinshi translated to Portuguese too.

To summarize, I didn’t translate this, I just edited. If possible, go visit his blog, it’s a pretty interesting one (though mine may be a biased opinion…).