(C74) [Type-G (Ishigaki Takashi)] RDAD – Another Take (Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS)

New release!
Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS doujinshi featuring Fate and two nameless-faceless guys who find a way to have their way with Fate. So no yuri action here. Mainly vanilla, though there’s the psychological side of the character since Fate is pretty much being blackmailed. If this is your cup of tea, go for it!
Commissioned by Aledeth.

DF: (C74) [Type-G (Ishigaki Takashi)] RDAD – Another Take (MSLNStrikerS)[SMDC]
UL: (C74) [Type-G (Ishigaki Takashi)] RDAD – Another Take (MSLNStrikerS)[SMDC]

(SC33) [Okinawa Taieki Gunjinkai (Yasunaga Kouichirou)] Fujioka Haruhi to Ecchi Oshiyou. 02 (Ouran High School Host Club)

New release!
An Ouran High School Host Club doujinshi feautiring Haruhi and Honey!
A funny doujinshi with some nice sexy time going on. Nothing out of the vanilla besides the size of Honey’s tool.
Worth the read!
This was commissioned by Nekoanime15.

DF: (SC33) [Okinawa Taieki Gunjinkai (Yasunaga Kouichirou)] Fujioka Haruhi to Ecchi Oshiyou. 02 (Ouran High School Host Club)[SMDC]
UL: (SC33) [Okinawa Taieki Gunjinkai (Yasunaga Kouichirou)] Fujioka Haruhi to Ecchi Oshiyou. 02 (Ouran High School Host Club)[SMDC]

(CR31) [Oh!saka Spirits (Various)] Hyouketsu Kajuu (Fruits Basket)

New release!
Fruits Basked doujinshi time!
This is another oldie which contains four short stories, with one or two “muh feels” included. But also some sexy time. Always fun!
This was commissioned by Nekoanime15.

DF: (CR31) [Oh!saka Spirits (Various)] Hyouketsu Kajuu (Fruits Basket)[SMDC]
UL: (CR31) [Oh!saka Spirits (Various)] Hyouketsu Kajuu (Fruits Basket)[SMDC]

[Non-H](C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)

New release!
Non-H Touhou time! Because there’s life after hentai.
This is a short and cute story about Aya and Hatate, the two tengu journalists from Gensoukyou.
There are hints of yuri in it for sure, but nothing explicit. Nitori and Momiji also make an apperance.
A cute story with a nice art style, that’s more than enough in my book.

DF: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

(C65) [chicken zombies (air)] Girl Friend (Detective Conan)

New release!
A Detective Conan doujinshi featuring the old grown-up Conan and his girlfriend having some sexy sexy time during a winter day!
Just a nice vanilla doujinshi with some nice pair of boobs and whatnot.
This was commissioned by Lenmonade.

DF: (C65) [chicken zombies (air)] Girl Friend (Detective Conan)[SMDC]
UL: (C65) [chicken zombies (air)] Girl Friend (Detective Conan)[SMDC]

[Non-H][Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou

Double release!
A cute non-h doujinshi featuring the Kagamine twins and their alternate twins, Stylish Energy!
Mainly a 4-koma doujinshi with a cute story and a nice art style!
This was scanned and commissioned by NekoAnime15 too!

DF: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]
UL: [Dokkoi Daikon (Setora)]Suta-Ena-Chan to Isshou[SMDC]

[Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)

New release!
An old Kodocha doujinshi featuring Sana and the boys.
Some rape action but not that much. It’s still a comedy doujinshi I guess.
And this obviously contains loli because Sana is the main character.

Commissioned by NekoAnime15.

DF: [Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)[SMDC]
UL: [Shanghai Mitsuhou (Masuyama Kei)] PANIC! (Kodomo no Omocha)[SMDC]

Note: Contains one yaoi/shota image

(C75) [Tsurugashima Heights (Hase Tsubura)] Paiman Diver (81diver)

New release!
81diver doujinshi.
Obviously contains a maid.
Could go into alternative, as this is about submission and possession. But the sex is anal.

DF: (C75) [Tsurugashima Heights (Hase Tsubura)] Paiman Diver (81diver)[SMDC].zip
UL: (C75) [Tsurugashima Heights (Hase Tsubura)] Paiman Diver (81diver)[SMDC].zip