Category explanation

  • General: Releases which focuses on non-strange content. This includes not only plain heterosexual relationships, but also milfs, outdoors, exhibitionism, anal, incest, group sex, etc. In other words, if there’s no focus on strange sexual relationships or fetishes, it’ll be here.
  • Trap: Releases which contains at least one trap. Only general traps, alternative traps will go on “Alternative” with the “Trap” tag.
  • Yuri: Releases which does not contains guys engaged in sexual relationship. Only general yuri, alternative yuri will go on “Alternative” with the “Yuri” tag.
  • Alternative: Releases which focuses on strange/frown upon content. This includes heavy BDSM, torture, mind breaking, tentacles, rape, monster rape, furry, futanari, scat, etc. Here I’ll also include traps and yuri releases that focuses on some strange content (therefore, a release with torture+trap will be released in this category).

Disclaimer: The examples listed are far from being an exhaustive listing. This categorization is not meant to be an objective categorization, therefore there are chances that you’ll find one release in one category that you believe should be in another. Since the world is not objective, but subjective, this is a problem that will hardly have an ultimate solution. In other words, you’ll have to bear with my definition of “strange fetishes” and “focuses”.
Also, there may be crossposting if I release a whole tank which contains mixed contents, but I’ll add a warning when it happens.