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SMDC Releases:

  • Everything: All posts mixed together in chronological order
  • General: Releases that do not fit in the other categories (mainly: Vanilla)
  • Alternative: Releases that contain some alternative fetishes (ex: Tentacles, BDSM, Pregnancy) (includes alternative traps and yuri)
  • Traps: Releases that contain at least one trap
  • Yuri: Releases that does not contain any male character
  • Non-H: Releases that are SFW. Don’t have a category of its own, it’s a tag.
  • For a more complete explanation of category contents, click here.


  • Bonus: Randomly updated with Depositfiles Gold Keys
  • Suggestions: Page where you can suggest something that should be translated
  • Q&A: Q&A (Updated: Newer questions at bottom of the page).
  • Blorg: Personal blog where I post about whatever comes to my mind, regardless of having any relation with SMDC-Translations itself.
  • Site feedback: Report broken links and leave a feedback about the site.
  • Old: Releases from the old blogspot blog.

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