[Akairo Mambo] Imouto Saimin Yaritai Houdai

DF: [Akairo Mambo] Imouto Saimin Yaritai Houdai [SMDC]
JC: [Akairo Mambo] Imouto Saimin Yaritai Houdai [SMDC]

New release! CG set time! Hypnosis time! Incest time!
Short CG set about a brother, his sister and Code Geass glasses.

You can likely guess the story. Brother has a hot young sister with an overdeveloped body that awakes the hungry wolf inside of him.
Hypnosis time!
Bam! Wolf satisfied.

Not much of a story, as always but if you like incest and like hypnotized girls being sexually abused, this is for you.

Pack includes both text and textless images because it’s not that big either way. And for some reason there are textless images that don’t have a texted version (and vice-versa, to the delight of my editing skills).

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