[High-Spirit (Aogiri Penta)] Josou Musuko Vol.1-7

Right! This week I probably won’t make one release per day, but I’ll start it right away with a big shot!
Here are volume 6 AND volume 7 of the Josou Musukou series!
Yes! Now this series is completely translated (at least all I know that’s been released thus far)!
So, let’s talk about each volume a little.
Volume 6 has TomoxAsahi and ToshioxTsukasa action in the Jousou Sanmyaku grounds! Yes, the three protagonists from that game (which was also the setting for that 3 pages novel in volume 5) make a small cameo in this volume, but nothing really explicit, I’m afraid to tell. Also, in this volume we get to see some Tsukasa with dick action, so be warned you purists that don’t like dick girls, as there’s some dick girl on trap action in this volume (though I believe most people actually likes this dick girl dominating a trap scenario).

Volume 7 is exclusive for MutsukixYukihiro showing what happens in the backstage of their school festival play. That makes me think, what are the girls from their school doing? I mean, hey, it’s a girl’s only school that accepted only two guys for whatever reason and these two guys, which most of the girls should be all over and trying to conquer their hearts, are actually going out with each other? Holy crap! How fucking disappointing is that? Tell me how the hell do these girls allow such an outrageous outcome to happen? Oh well, anyway, leaving that aside, let’s enjoy the trap action and the two side stories that came with these two volumes. Oh yes, in each of the side stories there’s one illustration that has an alternative fetish (goo tentacles on traps). Pretty hot for some, pretty turn off for others, but nothing I can do about it. I won’t be releasing this under the “Alternative” category because the alternative part is not the focus of these.

Right, let’s go to what’s important, downloads!
I’m providing volume 6 and volume 7 individually for those who, for whatever reason, may prefer it like this. I’m also providing a pack with all volumes together. I rechecked all translations and made a few corrections in some of the previous volumes so you may want to grab this pack because of that. I didn’t change anything major, just a few typos, reworded one or other balloon and fixed the male character’s name in the 1st volume (I have already mentioned this mistake before and I’m finally releasing a fixed version). I also joined the covers and back covers when they were complementary (like in volume 7).
So here are the links:

Volume 06:

Volume 07:

Volume 01-07:

11 Replies to “[High-Spirit (Aogiri Penta)] Josou Musuko Vol.1-7”

  1. As always, I have to thank you so much for doing this. Vol7 is my favorite of the series.

    With this, I believe that only Josou Musuko Pure, the Rodouku Yuugi trilogy, and a few one off comics, one of which has pretty bad scan quality and the other has an obnoxious watermark, are left untranslated.

    I hope you’ll give these a shot in the future, but if you’re looking to focus on other artists’ work, I totally understand. Again, thanks for all you’ve done here and for taking my request in the first place.

  2. I could not begin to estimate the time and expense that this effort must of taken but please except my grateful thanks. Do you have a safe anonymous way in which one can donate?
    My meager BlogSpot http://panty-boy-illustrated.blogspot.com/?zx=74f0cae55aa59039

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