[Attic Work Space] Kemomimi! (Original) [Hi-Res]

[Attic Work Space] Kemomimi! (Original) [Hi-Res] Cover English [Attic Work Space] Kemomimi! (Original) [Hi-Res] English Preview

New release. Since the last Sakura Hanpen release was not about anthropomorphic female animals, Attic Work Space is here to remedy that.
Kemomimi seems to be a series with a few volumes released about, well, kemomimis, which is the cuter way to say “anthropomorphic female animals”.

In this volume we have a horny cow-girl that decided to live with a guy. Pretty cool stuff. Bit tits, milk, cow tail, big boobs, maid outfit, master-maid play, boobies (big ones, btw), cow horns, cow bells, cowgirl position and all the good stuff related to cows (like, you know, big breasts?).

Yeah, enough of this, just download this, grab your glass of milk and go have some fun.




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