(C76) [Zi (Mutsuki Ginji)] Onnanoko Doushi toka Suki dakara! 1 (K-ON!)

Ok, another release ready to be released. This one is by Mutsuki Ginji and it’s a K-On yuri doujinshi with the well known Mio×Ritsu coupling.
I do enjoy this pairing, most likely because of Ritsu, but her partner must be Mio, or else the chemistry won’t happen. The boyish side of Ritsu mix well with the girly side of Mio and in the end they turn out like a normal heterosexual couple.
‘nyways, enough with the digression.
About the story.
Ritsu is sick at home, Mio pays her a visit, yada yada, they fuck. Fin.

I mean, really, were you expecting something really different?

This is just plain cute yuri so if you’re tired of alternative yuri, this is a nice choice.


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