(C77) [Ngmyu (Tougarashi Hideyu)] Oni Kawa

(C77) [Ngmyu (Tougarashi Hideyu)] Oni Kawa Cover (C77) [Ngmyu (Tougarashi Hideyu)] Oni Kawa English Translation

Time to catch up with the trap releases. Starting with this fully colored trap.

Story? Girl wants to go to school but can’t due to sickness. “Sends” her crossdressed brother instead and he gets to fuck another school beauty. Simple and clean.

This could have a pretty nice yuri follow up or even another trap follow up without a problem. The setting is already there….but I don’t think there ever was one. Well, whatever. The art is pretty good too and it’s all colored so it’s all fine.

Two versions again because this shit is gigantic. Reduced 50% of both width and height (which equal to 75% less pixels, again for those who for whatever reason wants to know), reducing like 2/3 of the file size.

Original size:



There’s a trap project waiting for funds in the crowd translations list so be sure to check it out.

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