(C80) [FruitsJam (Mikagami Sou)] MP0 (Dragon's Crown)

(C80) [FruitsJam (Mikagami Sou)] MP0 (Dragon's Crown) cover (C80) [FruitsJam (Mikagami Sou)] MP0 (Dragon's Crown) English preview

A new release! This is for RPG fans! And for those who loves big tits! Maybe more for the second group but whatever, I’m pretty sure that RPG fans will appreciate this too. Or at least will give them a great idea for their next RPG session (as long as there are girls playing with them….or not, who knows?).

Anyway, this is a Dragon’s Crown doujinshi made by FruitsJam, featuring our beloved huge titted sorceress and other dude characters that we don’t really care much because they’re dudes. They’re deep inside a dungeon, fighting an epic fight when suddenly something really bad happens! And now, the party needs to make a quick decision on how they’re going to deal with the situation, should they flee? Should they face the danger and keep going as true warriors? Should they bribe?

Suspense! Thrill! Action! All of this and much more in any decent shounen manga, what this doujinshi is not.



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  1. So are you planning on doing the rest that were made from fruitsjam, like the two versions of Code Geass where one is mainly about Shirley, while the other one is about Kallen. As well as the one from Sora Kake Girl/Shoujo?

  2. Huhu, that one was fun, one of the best sides of hentai, crazy shameless humour 😀

    Thank you very much for this release 🙂

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