(C80) [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] labyrinth

Alice! I really like Alice! And since I like Alice, I decided to translate another Alice doujinshi! And unlike the previous one, this one is not a trap! But it’s not a beautiful fairy tale story…well, the other one wasn’t really a happy one either….oh, the darkness surrounding the Wonderland…

The art from this one is just amazing, IMHO. Combine it with Alice in Wonderland theme and you have an instant winner! Oh yeah! I don’t know why I enjoy Alice so much…I didn’t even read the book, gosh! How shameful!

Well, the story is pretty straight forward. Alice is captured by Queen of Hearts. Alice defies the queen, the queen shows what hell is like to Alice. “Hell” in the hentai sense. Yes, you clearly know what it means. Mindless and mindless fucking. Non-stop pussy fucking, enough to break any sane person’s mind. Strangely enough, in most cases the girl’s mind breaks in just a few fucks. Total Bullshit, I tell you.

Don’t get too scared because of the tags. There’s piss, mind break and amputation but nothing explicit. No gore here, you only see the final result.

And we also have the same conflict from the previous release. Is this loli? I mean, Alice is clearly a little girl in the original story so, in theory, the one depicted here is also around the same age so, yeah, this should be loli. But is it? Well decide for yourself.



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    1. Female fapping sound is not really defined. Found “qwik”, which I started using. Added the letter “s” in front and that’s the result. TBH, I hate translating SFX because of that.

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