(C82) [Random Parts (TAKUTEKS)] Shoku Kano (Photo Kano)

(C82) [Random Parts (TAKUTEKS)] Shoku Kano (Photo Kano) Cover - SMDC (C82) [Random Parts (TAKUTEKS)] Shoku Kano (Photo Kano) English preview by SMDC

New release! Doujinshi time! Photo Kano time!

This doujinshi features Uchida Yuuko and Muroto Aki in an after dark school. Ooooh!

Simple plot, Aki stays until late for whatever reason and Uchida goes to school in the dead of the night to complete a mission set by the club’s president. This and that happens and they’re both tentacle raped and Uchida ends up raping Aki after the tentacles turns her into a futa.

All I have to say is that Uchida is a pretty cool character. I guess it’s hard to find other girls (characters or real) like her. “Oh! A real tentacle rape!”
So awesome! Guess I’ll take a look in the anime to see if it’s worth.



Random notes:
Yes, slow releases. Working on some other stuffs, but had this and still have more other three doujinshis already translated that only need a final check so I think I’ll be able to pick up the pace again. Oh well.

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