(C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou

(C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC] (C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC] English Preview by SMD (C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC] English Preview by SMDC 2

DF: (C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC]
JC: (C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC]
UL: (C87) [Semimogura (Yoshiie)] Saimin Katei-kyoushi no Inkou [SMDC]

New hypnosis release! Thought the art for this was pretty attractive so decided to work on it.
I really don’t have much to say about it. The plot is about a private tutor that uses hypnosis on his female pupils to fuck them. Not the “turning into a sex-slave” kind of hypnosis, more like a “you’re unaware of your prejudices against having sex” type of hypnosis. It’s an interesting twist to this genre, IMHO. And the girl is pretty flat-chested so if you’re into it, another extra for you! There’s some anal included and impregnation, but none are the main point of the story.
I’m also considering this as rape because, well, the girl is not consciously consenting the act so, yeah, that goes as raping in my books (regardless of the girl deserving it or not). Oh well, let’s not discuss this kind of thing here. Just enjoy the fap and have fun with this hypnotized flat-chested girl!

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  1. Hmm, indeed, quite different from usual. Though the effect is more insidious with how her mind is modified to consider specific things differently yet be otherwise unchanged.


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