Changed a few things around.

Decided to make some changes around here.

Now there’s the option to see every post made in one single page (just like it was at blogger). I believe this was one major “feature” that was lacking so I decided to change the site to be able to offer this option. You can still see only the releases of the four major categories but now you have the “Everything” page, which shows every post in chronological order, mixing all categories (including the “Blorg” category).

I also changed the requirements for commenting. I know many are too lazy to even put any asdgwer in the name and e-mail fields so now you don’t have to, but all comments will still be moderated. Maybe I’ll remove moderation in the future, but for the time being, I’ll leave it on.

Lastly, I added the feedback page, a place where you can go to point out broken links (any broken link) and say what you think about the site, where it can improve, how well it’s going and all that stuff.

3 Replies to “Changed a few things around.”

  1. Thnx for adding the Everything section on the Releases. I thought I wouldn’t keep up with the other stand-alone categories and on the plus side it saves time by allowing me and others to see all of your translations in one go.

  2. i honestly think you do a great job at the site.

    if you can keep up existing to the end of the year ill donate some cash 😛

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