(COMIC1☆07) [Matsurija (Nanaroba Hana)] Yuusha to akachan tsukuritai (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha)

(COMIC1☆07) [Matsurija (Nanaroba Hana)] Yuusha to akachan tsukuritai (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha) Cover (COMIC1☆07) [Matsurija (Nanaroba Hana)] Yuusha to akachan tsukuritai (Maoyuu Maou Yuusha) English preview by SMDC

Another release! Another Nanaroba Hana doujinshi! (the last one for the time being)

This time it’s not a brotherxsister incest story. It’s a Maoyuu Maou Yuusha doujinshi with pretty much the same settings as the two previous Nanaroba works. In other words, none.

Ok, there’s some background that you’ll likely get if you know at least a tiny bit of the anime/manga, but nothing really major so yeah, not a real story out there. You can find the main information that you need in any synopsis but if you’re too lazy to go search, here’s my short synopsis of a synopsis I read.

There’s this guy named Hero that is the best among humans. He goes to defeat the Demon King but the Demon King ends up convincing him (with whatever logic that I won’t bother you with) to form an alliance between demons and humans in order to keep peace. And they fuck. No, sorry, that doesn’t happen in the anime. But that should be enough for you to be able to fully enjoy the doujinshi.

If you enjoy this generic moe fluffy art style like I seem to enjoy, none of this really matters.




Random babbling that is probably important: So, I’m thinking about ditching uploaded (the file host). Among the three hosts, it’s the least used and I read some bad stuffs about it around here and there. So I’m going to try this kingfiles and see how it goes.
As I normally do, I’ll keep providing uploaded links for a few releases along with the new file host. In the meantime, give me feedback about it.

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  1. Ditch Kingfile. That was a spam loaded hassle where they constantly try to trick you into loading their spam ware downloader onto your system. 4 pages and two different counters involved before I could download the file. Pass.

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