(COMIC1☆7) [INS-mode (Amanagi Seiji)] Dangan Bunki Route (Danganronpa)

Dangan Bunki Route (Danganronpa) cover Dangan Bunki Route (Danganronpa) sample
New release! Yay!
It’s an Amanagi Seiji release! Yay!
It’s not yuri! Aah….

Yeah, that’s right. It’s a non-yuri work by Amanagi Seiji. It’s still hentai, so where’re not across that line yet.

This is a Danganronpa doujinshi. What the hell is Danganronpa? I don’t know. Looks like it’s a game. Maybe it’ll be made into an anime, or it already is. If I remember correctly, the first episode aired this month or something like that.
Well, whatever. The plot of the original story should be something like a mix of Battle Royale and psychic students, maybe giving an aura that tends more to Life is Money or Mirai Nikki than anything else. But disregard that, I’m just guessing.

And the story of this doujinshi? Two girls offering themselves to the main character, one at a time. No threesome for you this time. It’s the usual Amanagi world, featuring one big titted girl, one small titted girl and lustful lips! Oh, those meaty, lustful lips! There’s no way anyone can resist those lips, right? If Amanagi drew guys with those lips, it’d easily justify a yaoi release. Since Amanagi only draws those lips on girls, we get mainly yuri releases. No guy or girl can resist those lips! Oh yeah!

Two versions yet again. Original sized and reduced resolution. This time I just shrinked the image without altering the quality. It’s reduced height and width by 30% or, if you work better with total number of pixel reduction, 51% less pixels. Gallery and preview uses the reduced version.




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  1. Thanks for the release, and also for doing a sane-sized version (saves me the trouble of resizing it down myself).

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