[Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Yuki Hime Kankan

A pretty fucked up story. Not so common around here, but not something new.

Decided to pick this up because the main character appealed me. Maybe it was her design, I don’t know. And there’s also the fact that I really enjoyed the art style.

Simply put, the girl wants to commit suicide but ends up being suicided. Obviously there are some other suffering events before she’s suicided.

Can be a pretty dark story, or it can be a pretty laughable one. It all depends on who’s reading. Either way, keep it to yourself whether you think it’s a dark story or not.

And I’m just leaving SFW previews and won’t put a gallery on, but don’t be deceived by those previews (nor the circle name, if you can understand it). This shit can be brutal to some readers.



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  1. >Egao ga Ichiban




    (Already seen the Spring/Summer/Falls one, it got worse each time ‘A ‘)

  2. I already know what I’m getting. Yes, I’ve seen this author’s work before.
    Don’t take the warnings lightly, it’s harsh stuff – really, but it is good.

  3. Heh. I browsed like 2 pages of this on exhentai. Big nope for me as well.

    Look forward to the next release from you though!

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