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New features, new pages, new stuffs.
As some may have noticed, since a few releases I’ve been providing an alternative download link to my releases at uploaded.net (UL). I know many don’t enjoy Depositfiles (DF) for many reasons (they suck, they pay the uploader=incentive to bloat files, they have download limits, yada, yada) and I’ve been thinking about using an alternative host for a while and decided to give UL a try. But I know there are many who also despise that host for the same reasons some despise DF (they suck, they pay the uploader=incentive to bloat files, they have download limits, yada, yada) so I also decided I’m going to provide another alternative, which is the god tier among file hosts, Mediafire (MF). Well, at least they used to be.
Yes, people love MF. They don’t have download limits, they don’t have an affiliate program, they provide fast speed even for free users and all that stuff, though they have limited storage space. 10GB for free users, expandable, but I’m guessing it’ll be enough for this site.
Read the results here.

But for me there are some downsides, obviously. First I have to upload the file 3 times. Second, if most people switch to MF, my income (which is already close to nothing) will shrink even more and I won’t deny that one of the reasons I keep translating is the small revenue I earn from DF (and maybe from UL from now on).
I could try other means to monetize this site or earn some extra revenue with this site, sure. I could add some ads here and there, right? Yes, I could. But hey, I, myself, don’t like sites full of damn ads and I hardly ever click those, tbh (read: I never fucking click those shits), so why should I use something I don’t like here, my own site?
I could also open for commissions and earn some extra doing that, right? After all, I already did this so why not continue? Well, I won’t deny that I really thought about this, but ended up deciding against it. Sure it’s an income revenue, but I like to work at my own pace, on whatever doujinshi/manga I like and drop it for whatever reason I want without having to give any explanation to other people, and with commissions, much of my freedom is exchanged for money. So, for the time being, I won’t open a commission page (though I can do some commissioned translation every once in a while, if you’re interested, just send me an e-mail and we may be able to work something out).

I could also ask for donations, but hey, what would I say? Donate some money so I can spend for myself? Donate if you think my translations helped you jacking off? No, no. And there’s also the problem of how I should accept donations (Use PP? Nah!) so this won’t happen any time soon.

What I decided to do, then? I decided to stick to: “Give some choices and let people decide”. That’s what I thought when I started the galleries pages and when I decided to provide extra file host for my releases. And that’s also what you’ll see when you visit the “Support SMDC” page, choices.

There you can see a list of ways you can support this project. What you do, how it supports and what you get in exchange. It’s up to you to decide if it’s worth supporting me or not. You have the option to have access to my releases without supporting me at all, and you also the the option to take a few more minutes and give some support.

And I wanted to make sure that people would get something in exchange for supporting (one extra reason why I don’t want to use ads, you get nothing for clicking one). Some are useful, like downloading the release or getting a gold account for some file host, but others are not so easy to give something useful back (besides my sincere thanks, that, lets be fair, it’s not so useful), like leaving a comment or downloading a sharecash file. I’m still thinking on a way to give something back as a thank you for people downloading from it, seeing it’s a pain to do so (though they do tend to have a higher pay rate per download because of that).

In the end, it all comes down to this. If you think what I do only deserves a “Hey, thank you! Time to fap for free!”, then, well, fine. Go fap and have some fun, whatever. But if you think that what I do is something that’s worth something more, then you have some ways to show it. Download from a host besides MF, visit the gallery, give credit if you share or see my work posted somewhere else without credits or even download that sharecash file for me.

It’s a long post, don’t know how many actually read it all, but that’s what “Blorg” is about.

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  1. The main reason scanlators don’t like MF much is that it kills accounts and all the associated files as soon as the admins smell a whiff of pr0n. So, unless you name your files “SMDC release ###”, your uploads there are going to be very short-lived indeed, leading to more bitching by leechers.

    IMO the only legitimate reason to complain about hosts is if they doesn’t allow downloads in some country. For any other reason, like it’s slow/inconvenient/etc, standard response ought to be “learn 2 jdownloader”. But I don’t know whether JDownloader users translate in revenue for you or if their downloads don’t count since they don’t see the ads on the file host…

    1. Yes, I know about MF closing accounts and deleting all files. If that happens, too bad, life goes on. But I’ll change the file names there, thanks to your suggestions. Let’s see how long it’ll survive.
      If they delete it, then I’ll give a shot with another host. Was thinking about sendspace but the comment below mentioned mega, which I had completely forgotten and may, for sure, be an interesting choice.

      And I’m pretty sure that DF does not count downloads made by JDownloader. One of the requirements they have is that the download must come from a live link and with a referrer so copy and pasting the link to the address bar won’t count and clicking from IMs also won’t count. That’s why I believe JD also doesn’t count. Not sure about UL, I didn’t find anything related.

  2. you can always try going the “accepting commission” path if you haven’t already. while your translation may need more qc and a bit of polish, when it’s fixed, there are a number of people who’s willing to shell out some cash for commissions. especially if the price is right and the results are satisfactory. just look at desudesu and sayo for a good example.

    also, despite being still full of quirks, mega might be your best answer.

  3. You could also add 4-5 links from adf.ly leading to a thank you page (or whatever) or even in every download link if you like, i surely wouldn’t mind waiting 5 secs in order to help you. It isn’t much but it’s better than nothing.

    1. I did think about link shrinking, but that’s another think that I hate myself and whenever possible, I avoid clicking it (also, there are some useful addons to skip those so it’d less effective). And I’m pretty positive that there are many who are also like me and hate this kind of service, despite it taking only 5 extra seconds and I’ve read many webmasters saying how their traffic decreased after starting it.

      The think is, I don’t want to force people so using that kind of service for download links or even gallery images is out of question. I could create one link and put it in the support page, but that doesn’t sound that effective either.

      1. From a user perspective, Ad.fly is a much better alternative than any of the major pay-to-click download hosts because there’s no “cooldown period”. If I download a file via DepositFiles, I can’t download another one for an hour. With Ad.fly redirecting to a neutral host like MediaFire, you still get your cut but I can download all I want (after the interstitial click).

        Just my $0.02.

        1. You do have a point about the wait period.
          Maybe I’ll use ad.fly or whatever alternative for Mediafire links and leave the other two hosts without it.
          Yes, guess I’ll experiment doing that and seeing the results.

  4. I highly recommend people to buy an account with a host. I have a deposit gold account and it just makes things so much easier. Yes yes, money is an issue, but I make the money worth it by the amount I use DF to download. At least in my head I do.

    Only sucky thing is, sometimes DF gets real slow, although might be just a problem with my internet provider.

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