[Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)

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New release! Persona 3 time!
Decided to browse the suggestions page and fetch some random suggestions that were apparently not taken yet. Here’s one of them.
This is an alternative yuri doujinshi featuring the female protagonist of Persona 3 and the favorite blonde robot with an extra attachment to flush oil. The best combination for a translation since both have differences in their names between the Japanese and English versions.
Aegis for Japan and Aigis for the rest of the world (I guess? Or only US? I don’t know).
Hamuko or Kumiko for Japan and Minako for the rest of the world (I guess again?).
To prevent any useless “her name is, her name is not” bullshit, I’m releasing two versions.
Aegis and Kimiko (J) or Aigis and Minako (E).
Kimiko was chosen instead of Hamuko because the former was explicitly used (written in hiragana, for those who know what this means).
So, yeah, have fun.

J version:
DF: [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)[SMDC]
UL: [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)[SMDC][J]

E version:
DF: [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)[SMDC][E]
UL: [Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)[SMDC][E]

4 Replies to “[Fancy-Polori (Arabiki Koshou)] AIGIS! STRIKE! (Persona 3)”

    1. It’s actually Kimiko, not Kumiko.
      Don’t know why Kumiko is stuck in my mind. I even had to change when I was translating this.
      That character was or is referred to as 主人 公子, and people simply took the “公子” and decided to use as her name. 公 used for names can have a “ki” sound (though it can also be read as “ku” which may explain why “kumiko” was stuck in my mind) and they decided to stick with that (beats me why not “ku” which seems to be more logical).

      Hamuko, in caso you or somebody else don’t know, comes from the fact that 公 seems like ハ(ha) and ム(mu) stuck together and 子 is read “ko” so 公子 can be (wrongly) read as Hamuko.

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