[A.O.I (Honewo Arukemita)] Kegareta Shinsekai (Shinsekai Yori)

New release! A Shinsekai Yori doujinshi featuring don’t know who being raped and trashed by another one I don’t know who is and by some random rat-like creatures or whatever. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’ve never watched the anime nor read the manga nor know whether there’s an anime, manga or game or whatever. But the doujinshi have a range of alternative fetishes that may please some readers.
Obviously there’s rape and monster rape, which can be presumed by what I’ve wrote up until now and the cover. You’ll also find some anal raping, self-pissing and impregnation, double penetration and maybe something else that I’m forgetting now. Something I decided to call mind break is also in there, though one could call it will break or similar.
There’s no story here, really. Just plain raping and fucking and raping and screaming. The art is really nice too, so I decided to work on it. The bad thing is that this isn’t a digital version, so there are some imperfections in the image, but nothing really major, or so I believe.


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