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Ok, as some may have noticed, in my last release I used another image host for the post image instead of using Imagevenue. I used to choose Imagevenue for the posts images because I thought it had no ads, but it seems they do have ads for adult images so it pretty much loses the point.
So I decided to change hosts and see the reaction. If nobody commented about it, I’d leave it like that. If somebody commented about it, I’d post this to gather some opinions. Since I’m posting this, it means somebody commented about the image host.

Anyway, I’ve used quite a few image hosts here and I’d like to know what’s the preference you guys have for the image host I use to host the image of the posts.

The options I currently have (read: where I have an account) are:



From all of these, Imagevenue is the only one that does not pay the uploader and I don’t really care about it, as long as they don’t put ads on it (something they do). Not only that, there’s also the “Traffic Drive” feature that puts other people’s link in other people’s image which, for some reason, I can’t use with this domain. Sad.
The other ones are all pay-to-share type of hosts therefore it’s expected that they’ll show you some ads.

So, which image host should I use for the post images? Should I stick with Imagevenue? Should I go with one of the pay-to-share ones? Do you know of any other good, free image host that allows adult content and doesn’t show adds?
Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Well… I have used imagevenue for many years (almost six) and overall it worked GREAT ! 10% of the images died in the long term, which is a surprisingly LOW casualty rate.

    ImgOnion is a big OH FUCK NO, they display a lot of people an unclosable ad right in the middle of the screen.

    As for the others, I have no particular idea, as long as they work… Be wary of pure newcomers that don’t look pro at all (being pro means you find it natural to pay a professional well enough, in other words, that you come to the business with enough funds to do things right), you can’t tell how long they’ll stay online and if they won’t even shut down without warning.
    I think the two “oldest” paying image hosts, thus the two most reliable, would be imagetwist and imgchili, they’ve been around for a long time, and if their activity wasn’t sustainable and proffitable enough for them, they’d have folded already.

    You could read more opinions about image hosts in the webmaster section of, if you like. I came to become the site’s host after the former admin retired and wanted a crew member with big enough hosting to take over, and it’s a friendly place ^^

  2. Well, I don’t care much for ads (thanks adblock), so imagevenue is OK with me. But use whatever you prefer… we’ll just follow ^^

  3. No joke Imagevenue is the only one of these that seems to be worth a damn, the others just shovels ads at me without ever letting me se the image. Insane.

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