[Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!)

[Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!) cover [Isorashi Dou (Isorashi)] Mio Kan! (K-ON!) English Preview by SMDC

New release. New yuri doujinshi. This was commissioned by someone who requested to remain anonymous and now I’m releasing it here after one month it’s done.

It’s a K-On doujinshi featuring the maybe overused Mio-Ritsu couple with Ritsu taking the lead. The story is just like any episode of K-On, nothing happens. But it’s a good still a good fap material. To summarize, Mio and Ritsu find a dildo in the club room and Mio is fucked. Fin.

Well, you can check for yourselves.




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