[Izayoi no Kiki] Mitsu Mitsu

Here we are with another release. And this is incest and milf for SURE (no room for dodgy arguments here)! Mother and son. Mother loves son, son loves mother back. Not the usual maternal love but hey, it’s still love so it’s fine, right? They’re in good terms, have fun together, enjoy each other companion so what’s problem?
This is a full colored release by Izayoi no Kiki and….yeah, nothing else to say so have fun with this release.


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  1. Just noticed your e^(iπ) + 1 = 0 in the title for the Everything page.

    … That has been my favorite mathematical identity in the world for the past 12 straight years.
    And the association with “Everything” is not lost on me.
    I salute thee.

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