[Izayoi no Kiki] Tousatsu Fuukei

[Izayoi no Kiki] Tousatsu Fuukei cover [Izayoi no Kiki] Tousatsu Fuukei English Preview by SMDC

New release. Yet another incest. And it’s by Izayoi no Kiki.
Just like the other one, this is a mother and son relationship, but with a little twist. There’s a spectator. A hidden one, to be exact. And it’s not us. Oh, family, family.

Anyway, this one is pretty simple and straightforward. Mother and son fucking each other. And they fuck a little more. And then they…well, have sex. The usual Izayoi no Kiki setting.

This translation was commissioned by wilgrinder.

In the pack you’ll find two sizes of resolution, as they were provided. Don’t know if the lower resolution version is useful to anyone but hey, it’s pretty small in size so it doesn’t make much of a difference.




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