[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko

Oh boy, oh boy! It’s Shimimaru!
This is a collection of short stories (some of 1 page long) by Shimimaru!

[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]
[JUNKLAND2 (Shimimaru)] PM3-12 no Reizouko[SMDC]

Translating Shimimaru’s works has always been quite a pain imho. I remember I had some trouble with Junk Land and this was no different. Still a nice collection, with the usual Shimimaru weirdness and (imho) amazing art style (damn, I still love how Shimi draws breasts, and eyes too).

Anyway, this contains quite a lot of small stories (20, depending on how you count), with only a few of them being hentai (5, depending on how you count). Most are non-hentai, hence the non-H tag, though it’s a mixed bag. To compensate for the lack of hentai, there’s a handful of erotic images.
The stories varies in theme, length and tone. You can probably guess how wild this is by checking the tags.
I also learned quite a lot translating this, and you’ll understand what I mean by this when you open the zip.
For a summary of the stories…
Yeah, too many to do and summarizing a one page story is not something I want to do so go ahead, download and have fun. I think it’s worth it.

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