(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border

(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border Cover(Kemoket 1) [Greone (nme)] Luv Border English preview by SMDC

New release. Furry time!
Yes, this one is a real furry one. Or maybe I should say that this one is dangerously cheesy!!

Anyway, decided to revisit the author of my third and fourth translation jobs.
Yup, it’s Greone.

And just like the other two stories, this one is a human guy x female furry story. A sweet, sweet story, actually. I’d say it’s worth your time even if you’re not into furries, but that’s just me with my opinion.
All I can say is that the development of this one is far from what I’d expect from a h-doujinshi. Which is nice. Seeing a different pattern every once in a while is not a bad thing. And what’s different? Well, the guy is not a sex maniac and the girl is not a sex addicted. How can something like that even exist in the hentai world? I don’t know.

For now, download this and have some fun reading. It may warm you up if you’re somewhere in the north hemisphere where it’s the cold season now. (if you’re in the south, well, it may cool you down a little too, who knows?)



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    1. Page 03: The author thanking for those who bought the book (none of us) and talking about the work itself (the thought he gave, how he wanted to draw a character like Marrie, etc).
      Page 23: Credits (including circle/artist name and url, release date and other info)

      So your assumption is not correct.

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