[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro [Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

New release. Another commission.
This time, it was commissioned by Stickerparty and trap lovers should be able to enjoy this to some extent.

This CG set tells the story of a hero and a demon king and a dark elf, who’s also a demon that lives in a castle that is not the same castle as the demon king but is, nonetheless, a castle and dicks. Lots of dicks. Yes, demons and castles so it’s obvious that monsters are included. And other humans too. And, hell, now I don’t know if this should be labeled “trap” or not. Oh, the problems of categories.

Anyway, to summarize, hero is captured by dark elf demon when he tries to invade the castle. And he’s fucked. A lot. By a lot of things. The full list includes the dark elf, an orc, a pair of twin demons, a dog and another human. Rape, torture, cry and a happy ending, I guess…

This is a crosspost between “Alternative” and “Trap”, because I believe there’s something in the bag of things that fucks the hero that could be called a trap. Or maybe the hero himself. Whatever. The pack contains only the text version. If you want the textless version for whatever reason, feel free to ask in the comments.



Random babbling:
Gosh, how come I never used “bondage” as a tag here? Damn…some retagging to do in the next days.

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