[Kobayashi Shounenmaru] 大好きな息子を美味しくいただきました♪~親バカママ♀と溺愛息子♂の初合体~

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New release! Incest time!
This is a short story about a boy who was curious and convinced his mother to teach him how to have sex. There’s something related to monkeys there too but that’s secondary.
Either way, this is a short incest story between a boy and his mother. A fine milf, if you wish.

DF: [Kobayashi Shounenmaru] Daisuki na musuko wo oishiku itadakimashita
JC: [Kobayashi Shounenmaru] Daisuki na musuko wo oishiku itadakimashita

Now back to reading a scientific paper that found a significant decline in child cognitive abilities due to inbreeding and high frequency of mental retardation among offspring from inbred families.

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    1. As long as you don’t have offspring, you’ll just have to deal with social stigma and maybe some psychological issues, which I presume would result mostly from the social stigma.

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