[Koromonyu (Eromame)] Eroi Kitsune to Midara na Tanuki

[Koromonyu (Eromame)] Eroi Kitsune to Midara na Tanuki Cover [Koromonyu (Eromame)] Eroi Kitsune to Midara na Tanuki English Preview

Time to leave the dark side behind and bring you a bright and cute release! This time it’s coated in sugar. Again, it’s enough to cause you diabetes so get your insulin shots ready again!

But why is it under “Alternative”? Because even though this is a pure yuri release, there’s a penis around. And according to my book of knowledge, when there are no guys but there are penises, it falls into the “Alternative” category. One could also argue that this is furry, but according to the following furryometer, this is not furry.


Anyways, this Love Live! doujinshi can be divided in two parts. Both parts are pretty much the same, Eri and Nozomi having fun with each other with Eri taking the lead the whole time. The difference is that in the first part they’re 100% girls and in the second part they’re 10% furry. Regardless, this is damn cute and full of love and diabetes.




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