Let's try to do this.

Ok, let’s try this now.
Crowd funding translations. Two options to fund, either by Paypal or Webmoney.

How will I define the project list?
The list will have a maximum of 3 works per time.
I’ll pick one or two from the suggestion list for now just to start rolling. I’ll try not to fill the list with only one category. If you want to suggest something for this kind of translation, just leave your suggestion in the crowd funding page, NOT in the suggestion page.

You’re free to ask about any other detail I may be missing either here or in the page.

And what about the sites sign-up?

Decided to drop that because it’d be a mess to leave both, since sign-ups can’t be divided. I didn’t figure a good way to handle the possible scenario of someone funding directly and someone else signing-up to fund the same project.

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    1. The same as I would when choosing what I’d like to translated, though I’m considering number of votes too.
      For instance, the two that are currently in the list are two that were request a number of times already.

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