(Mimiket 28) [Petite*Cerisier (Sakura Hanpen)] Boku no Pet ga Shojo ni natte. -Rabbit!- (Original)

Ok, Boku no Pet ga Shojo ni natte translates to “My pet became my girlfriend”. You know what to expect? Furry!! But no, it’s not furry.
This is more like an extreme anthropomorphism where the original being that was ahtropomorphed does not have enough traces of its original form so one can identify its origin. Therefore I’ll announce that no, this is not furry. This is extreme anthropomorphism, which is not equal to furry. And this is fucking cute so who cares if it’s furry or not?

And what’s the story? Erm….guy buys a pet, pet transforms into a hot girl and they fuck. Yeah. Deep. Original. Thoughtful. No….

Anyway, the art is awesome and that’s what matters here.
Two options, original sized and downsized version. 30% less height and length which means 50-something % less pixels and reduction of almost 50% on size. Have fun.

Dejà vú? Yes, it’s the exactly the same thing as the previous Petite Cerisier release. Everything, the main plot and even the resizing part. The only difference is that the pet is now a rabbit. A black rabbit. Of happiness. Just like that one in Seiken Densetsu 3, but this one transforms into a girl and makes you impregnate her instead of summoning a fucking lv 99 demon every time you attack it with a level 2 or higher (aka level 3) attack. Holy smoke, how annoying was that!

Original size:



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4 Replies to “(Mimiket 28) [Petite*Cerisier (Sakura Hanpen)] Boku no Pet ga Shojo ni natte. -Rabbit!- (Original)”

  1. Thanks for the release.

    Could I ask you to take a second look at the settings for you’re using when resizing? In the downscaled version there are some artifacts in some pages. Perhaps the algorithm doesn’t go very well with some screentones… As for myself I tend to use bicubic medium, sometimes going a touch softer or choosing a different size when I see artifacts in the output.

    Also another heads-up: I’ve seen pages that had been cropped, sometimes in the resized version, sometimes in the 1:1 version (strange as it seems). While the amount of cropping is only some tens of pixels, just thought I’d mention it because perhaps your script is doing things you never meant it to.

    1. For downsizing, I pretty much stick to cubic interpolation. I’m no expert so I really don’t know how these works, really so I have no basis to make a choice. Will give this one a look and try other methods to see if the results are better.

      As for pages crops, they’re done by the person who scanned them. Some of the raws really have pages with different dimensions, normally only a few tens, like you mentioned. But since I reduce all images at the same proportion, this difference shouldn’t really make a difference. Well, at least not according to my own non-expert logic….
      And when I say I downsize at the same proportion, I mean that I downsize to X% of the original width and height instead of setting the image to have X and Y pixels of width and height.

      Guess I should seek some info on image processing.

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