[No Such Agency] Seitou Ero-Wrestle BM+

[No Such Agency] Seitou Ero-Wrestle BM+ HR Story Cover [No Such Agency] Seitou Ero-Wrestle BM+ HR Story English Preview [No Such Agency] Seitou Ero-Wrestle BM+ HR Story English Preview 2

Gosh this shit is big!
Loads of time to edit, loads of time to upload, endless rars versions. You guys better enjoy this!

Ok, jokes aside, this is a CG set plus a doujinshi. For whatever reason this group decided to do this double release so don’t judge me, judge them.

The CG art is pretty awesome. Juicy and plumpy girls with shiny skin and with an endless lust for each other. The “story” of the CG set is something like: The girls, who just worked as referees for an “Erotic Wrestling” are horny, therefore the girls fuck themselves. Yeah, simple as that. How I wish real life was like that.

The doujinshi part has a not so awesome art, but whatever. The story is utter non-sense. First page, two girls are walking, one holds the other girl hands and…Bam! Second page, on a ring with Y-string bikinis (just like the one that sexy tiger Borat used) ready to wrestle. Dah fuck? Yeah, dah fuck.

Anyway, this shit is big.
The raw was around 220mb. But it had like 3 versions of the CG (textless, textless+SFX and text+SFX) and 2 versions of the doujinshi (2 different resolutions).
So how am I packing all this mess?
I’m offering 6 options:
1- All included (3 CGs+2doujinshi) [214mb]
2- CG only (3 CGs) [77.2mb]
3- HR doujinshi only [129mb]
4- LR doujinshi only [12.4mb]
5- Sized down CG text only [15.5mb]
6- Sized down CG text only + LR doujinshi [27.9mb]

Notice that I only resized the CG set. The lower resolution version of the doujinshi was offered by the circle themselves.

So yeah, lots of option, lots of bandwidth spent to upload all of these….3 times. If you want to thank me for doing this, just download the bigger pack. Or send people to this blog instead of only sharing it elsewhere.

All included


Hopefully I didn’t mislinked any of these links. If I did, just leave a comment and I’ll fix it. And I’m still over-stressed with real life and all this shit so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make another release this week, but you can always download one pack a day of this release for this week and you can make yourself believe that it’s a new release….or not.

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    1. If you have a link to the release or have a dll to make my life easier, I could check and see.
      Leave a message on the suggestion page and I’ll take a look. If it’s the same quality as the other works, I may be interested.

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