[Non-H](C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)

New release!
Non-H Touhou time! Because there’s life after hentai.
This is a short and cute story about Aya and Hatate, the two tengu journalists from Gensoukyou.
There are hints of yuri in it for sure, but nothing explicit. Nitori and Momiji also make an apperance.
A cute story with a nice art style, that’s more than enough in my book.

DF: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]
UL: (C84) [Suzuneiro (Berukko)] Tengu no Iiwake (Touhou Project)[SMDC]

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