[non-H][CO-MIX] AQUAmariners (ARIA) [SMDC]

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New non-H release!
As I mentioned last week, ” I do love me some slice-of-life and Aria really hit the spot for me, but there seems to be a lack of good Aria doujinshi that also hit the spot. But this one did it quite well!”
Yes, I also said that I’d be releasing another Aria doujinshi this Friday and lo and behold!
This doujinshi is actually the first of a series and volume 9 was released at C87. Only this first volume seems to be available online (aka: pirated) but since this is really good, only this first volume is enough to make me want to buy the rest so time to go hunting.

About the doujinshi, this is set after Akari became a prima but before Ai becomes an apprentice at Aria Company. It contains 3 short, independent stories and a preview for volume 2. And it’s as heartwarming and fun as the original series, IMHO. Maybe I’ll translated and release until volume 4. Maybe.

DF: [CO-MIX] AQUAmariners (ARIA) [SMDC]

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  1. I can’t wait to read the continuation! This doujin is so awesome I thought it’s official, since the quality of the art is almost as good as the original. (Plus they added cameos from Kozue Amano’s other comics too)

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