COMIC Penguin Club 2013-01 Vol.317 – [Akira Sawano] – Shiro Kuro Lover 2

Look, ShiroKuro Lovers have more chapters! Yeah, I got my hand on this COMIC Penguin volume to translate that Amanagi Seiji chapter and found this Sawano chapter too and decided to do it too, after all, I already did the first chapter so why not, right?
It’s not a direct continuation of the previous chapter, it’s more like an independent chapter that reuses the characters so we’re presented with more incest action from that unlikely incestuous family who really likes to mess up with the name of their twin girls. Oh, you cruel parents! I bet that’s the reason why they love their brother so much!
And yes, I know there’s another chapter, and yes, I’m going to translate it because it’s in the same volume that Pinky 2 is (which I have already downloaded too) also, so there’s really no reason not to do it.


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