(SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia)

(SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia) cover (SC53) [Otona Shuppan] fairy's SEX (Tales of Xillia) english preview

New release. Another short one, but good, nonetheless.
This is a Tales of Xillia doujinshi featuring our favorite big titted spirit lord and the not so loved main character of the game. Really, someone likes the guy who can fuck such a beauty?

Story goes like this: Milla, our eternal huge titted childish goddess is fucked by Jude. Fin.

Really, not much to say about this. Just a plain vanilla doujinshi with a big titted girl and a generic guy that actually have a face and name. Volume 2 will be released in the next few days too.



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