(Shotaket 15) [Kumikae DNA (Minakami Kurena)] After School Secret (Prunus Girl)

New release! And it’s a trap! Ok, this one was a fast one. Kinda short with few dialogues so both editing and translating was pretty fast.
This is a Prunus Girl doujinshi, that manga that finished some time ago featuring a crossdresser. I don’t know much about the story, all I know is that the main couple is actually a guy and a girl that is actually crossdresser guy and the guy that does not crossdresses knows that the girl is actually a guy. I don’t know what’s their actual relationship but you can find if you just search for Prunus Girl.
This doujinshi features the crossdresser guy and another girl and the story goes something like this: guy is masturbating, girl finds out, teases and dominates him, finds out why he was doing it there and the plot for another volume is already set.
Nothing really elaborated, like always.


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  1. Thanks for your work!

    You’ve summed up the basic premise of the series. The main relationship is that the trap (Aikawa) is constantly trying to get the non-trap (Maki) to reciprocate his affections, but Maki maintains he’s too straight for it, with much humor had because Maki kind of fails at being straight when it comes to Aikawa. There’s also an out yuri couple and implied post-series incest between another pair. I love it to death, and there’s nowhere near enough doujinshi of it scanned (whether translated or not, especially of the main two). So thank you again!

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