(C83) (同人誌) [アーシアン] UNDERWEAR (東方) (非エロ)

(C83) (同人誌) [アーシアン] UNDERWEAR (東方) (非エロ) Cover (C83) (同人誌) [アーシアン] UNDERWEAR (東方) (非エロ) English Preview by SMDC

New release. And with it comes the debate: Is this hentai?
I don’t know. The title says it’s not. The content is border line. There are some mangas that crosses the border much more blatantly than this doujinshi and they’re not labeled as hentai. But whatever, I’ll leave the non-ero tag in the title (非エロ) but I’ll consider this ero and release it today.

This is a Touhou doujinshi, featuring ReixAli. The content is more on the ecchi side than on the hentai, and there’s really not much explicit content. But it’s still pretty interesting and can be pretty erotic too. Maybe this kind is more appealing to girls than to guys, but who am I to rule one gender out of the fun, right?

The plot is pretty simple, Alice invites herself to sleep at Reimu’s place (with a reasonable reason) and the fun begins.




Notes: I’m not really sure how to romanize the artist/circle name. I romanized as “Arshian” on the rar file, but don’t take my word for it.
Also, I decided to resume uploading my releases myself on e-hentai, though I may delay some time. I already updated the Q&A page but since I’m sure almost no one visits it, I decided to write this note here.