[Non-H] Giving a hand to a friend of mine

Ok, this non-h Friday release is a little bit different. Actually, this post is more a help to a friend of mine than a release (though there’s a download link).

He started a blog about whatever recently and the latest post is about Pokemon. The blog is interesting and all but I’m not writing this only because of that.
The thing is, this friend of mine decided to translate a Pokemon doujinshi for this post and he asked me to do the editing. Since it was a pretty short and easy one, I ended up accepting his request.

The doujinshi in question is a safe for work doujinshi and when he sent me the raws, I was pretty sure there’s already an English version of it available, but I didn’t know where to find it because I didn’t remember the name (later I found out that the doujinshi doesn’t have a title). I told him this and he sent me the English version available. Checked his translation and the available one with the raws and I’d say that both my friend’s and the already available version are pretty close, so there really was no real need to make a re-release, but since he made a Brazilian Portuguese version too, I ended up re-editing the English version since it wasn’t that much of a trouble.

Since his blog is a SFW one, we decided not to include my credits on the translation so unwarned readers who find his blog won’t reach mine accidentally. And he didn’t mind me releasing it here and it’s not a problem for me either because I already release some non-h doujinshi.

You can check the post and the translation at my friend’s blog:
Eternal Digression of a Spotted Mind

If you want you can download it by clicking here (Mediafire).

Also, he writes both in English and Portuguese so for all Portuguese speakers (mainly Brazilians, I guess) who visit SMDC-Translations, you can visit his blog and find this doujinshi translated to Portuguese too.

To summarize, I didn’t translate this, I just edited. If possible, go visit his blog, it’s a pretty interesting one (though mine may be a biased opinion…).