[PM15_00 (Ichiko, Ohno Kogorou)] Takoukan (euphoria)

New release!
Another Euphoria doujinshi.
Seems like some people were really interested in reading this.
Two stories, one from the same artist/author as the previous release and one from another artist.
Contains some bloody action, including amputation and shoulder dislocation (which seems to be more common in hentai than I first thought).
Anyway, no vanilla here.

DF: [PM15_00 (Ichiko, Ohno Kogorou)] Takoukan (euphoria)[SMDC]
UL: [PM15_00 (Ichiko, Ohno Kogorou)] Takoukan (euphoria)[SMDC]

[Norikin] Maid-san no Chichi o Ookiku Shitari Shishi o Buttagiru dake no Manga[SMDC]

New release!
Gorey story with amputation, breast enlargement and some mental breakdown. May not be for everyone.

DF: [Norikin] Maid-san no Chichi o Ookiku Shitari Shishi o Buttagiru dake no Manga[SMDC].zip
UL: [Norikin] Maid-san no Chichi o Ookiku Shitari Shishi o Buttagiru dake no Manga[SMDC].zip

(COMIC1☆7) [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] Hima wo Mote amashita Kanemochi no Asobi (Dokidoki! Precure)

(COMIC1☆7) [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] Hima wo Mote amashita Kanemochi no Asobi (Dokidoki! Precure) cover (COMIC1☆7) [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] Hima wo Mote amashita Kanemochi no Asobi (Dokidoki! Precure) English preview

Another release! A yuri release! But not a vanilla yuri release. Well, you could argue that it’s pretty vanilla….or maybe not. Nah, it’s not. It’s definitely not. There’s drugging, there’s conflict, there’s jealousy, there’s dirty play, there’s bad things happening, there’s bad end. All caused by a deep, deep love. So deep that’s sickening, so deep that it’s blinding, so deep that you don’t even know a shovel could go so deep. It’s dark! It’s cruel! It’s horrible! It’s fucking Pretty Cure!

Yeah, the “Bad End” group does not appear here….and what I wrote in the before is not completely false either. Just a little exaggerated, but definitely not a lie. So….

The story revolves around the two girls on the cover, Alice and Rikka. Alice loves Rikka, Rikka loves Alice? Regardless of the answer, as Rikka goes missing, Alice uses the power of her family to seach for Rikka, or not?

Anyway, it’s another Fukunoren release. Yes, I really liked the art style so I’ll probably end up translating a few other ones by this group. Don’t know how soon, but I’ll look for their other works.
The raws for these were pretty bad, actually. Scanned and not treated, but it was a good experience to clean, align and crop the raws. That left me wondering why people don’t crop and resize the images all with the same dimensions.

Oh, whatever.
Two releases, and all the same.
Two options, original sized and downsized version. 30% less height and length which means 50-something % less pixels and reduction of almost 50% on size. Have fun.

Original size:



General note: Decided to make a yuri and trap release drive. This and maybe part of next week releases will be either yuri or trap, though there may be some alternative yuri and alternative trap. Yeah, just wanted to say that.

(C80) [Fukunoren (Yukiwo)] labyrinth

Alice! I really like Alice! And since I like Alice, I decided to translate another Alice doujinshi! And unlike the previous one, this one is not a trap! But it’s not a beautiful fairy tale story…well, the other one wasn’t really a happy one either….oh, the darkness surrounding the Wonderland…

The art from this one is just amazing, IMHO. Combine it with Alice in Wonderland theme and you have an instant winner! Oh yeah! I don’t know why I enjoy Alice so much…I didn’t even read the book, gosh! How shameful!

Well, the story is pretty straight forward. Alice is captured by Queen of Hearts. Alice defies the queen, the queen shows what hell is like to Alice. “Hell” in the hentai sense. Yes, you clearly know what it means. Mindless and mindless fucking. Non-stop pussy fucking, enough to break any sane person’s mind. Strangely enough, in most cases the girl’s mind breaks in just a few fucks. Total Bullshit, I tell you.

Don’t get too scared because of the tags. There’s piss, mind break and amputation but nothing explicit. No gore here, you only see the final result.

And we also have the same conflict from the previous release. Is this loli? I mean, Alice is clearly a little girl in the original story so, in theory, the one depicted here is also around the same age so, yeah, this should be loli. But is it? Well decide for yourself.