[Kowmeiism] How To Train Your Boy Volume 1-3

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Finally a new release!
Life is a mess for me but anyway, read the blorg post to know more about it.

Time for another commission, this time by an anonymous one. From the covers you could probably guess that this is not your usual trap or vanilla action. I’m not really sure about the name people give to this genre besides yaoi, but it looks like it’s called “bara” and it’s mainly yaoi content with more muscular characters.

The three volumes are independent, though the first volume is the basis for the following ones. Some characters appear in more than one volume and we can infer that all of these happens in the same world so it may be interesting to read all of them. There’s some bondage here and there to justify the “Alternative” category.

Story is about drilling the hole and a godfather-godchild system that rules the empire. You can probably guess what “drilling the hole” means here. Yes, it should be exactly what you’re thinking it is.

Anyway, three volumes, independent links for each volume and one link for a pack with all volumes available.

Volume 1

Volume 2

Volume 3

Volumes 1-3