[Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital]

New release!
Little Red Riding Hood doujinshi!
This was suggested by someone in the Suggestions page!
A short doujinshi about Little Red Riding Hood dominating and eating the Wolf instead of the opposite!
Eating in the hentai sense, no gory stuff like in the some of the fairy tale version!
Contains, obviously, bestiality/furry (there’s a wolf, duh) and femdom.

DF: [Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [Setouchi Pharm (Setouchi)] Ookami yo Saraba (Little Red Riding Hood) [Digital][SMDC]

[Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

[Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Cover [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!) Preview by SMDC

Can you feel the heart of the cards?
Me neither.
But Eria can certainly feel Gagagigo’s dick in her pussy. But they’re married and love each other so she loves it. Or so I presume.
And this doujinshi is pretty much that. 90% of pages with sex scenes between Eria, the Water whatever and Gagagigo, the lizard dude. And they’re married.
This is actually plain vanilla action, but it’s vanilla action between a girl and a lizard dude, hence the bestiality tag. So, to alternative it goes.

Anyway, the only thing that was in my mind while reading/translating this was:

Yes, you can thank me later for that.
DL links:
DF: [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
JC: [Sho chiku bai (Osu Takehiko)] Eria to Gagagigo (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

[Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro [Kengai san] Josou Yuusha to Otoko Darake no Shiro

New release. Another commission.
This time, it was commissioned by Stickerparty and trap lovers should be able to enjoy this to some extent.

This CG set tells the story of a hero and a demon king and a dark elf, who’s also a demon that lives in a castle that is not the same castle as the demon king but is, nonetheless, a castle and dicks. Lots of dicks. Yes, demons and castles so it’s obvious that monsters are included. And other humans too. And, hell, now I don’t know if this should be labeled “trap” or not. Oh, the problems of categories.

Anyway, to summarize, hero is captured by dark elf demon when he tries to invade the castle. And he’s fucked. A lot. By a lot of things. The full list includes the dark elf, an orc, a pair of twin demons, a dog and another human. Rape, torture, cry and a happy ending, I guess…

This is a crosspost between “Alternative” and “Trap”, because I believe there’s something in the bag of things that fucks the hero that could be called a trap. Or maybe the hero himself. Whatever. The pack contains only the text version. If you want the textless version for whatever reason, feel free to ask in the comments.



Random babbling:
Gosh, how come I never used “bondage” as a tag here? Damn…some retagging to do in the next days.

(C83) [Fruitsjam (Mikagami Sou)] MOTHER&BEAST (Smile Precure!)

MOTHER&BEAST (Smile Precure!) Cover MOTHER&BEAST (Smile Precure!) English Preview

Another release.
Smile Precure! Release, but one without the Precure girls! Yes, this one is about one of the Precure’s mother! MILF time!

To put it simply, mom wants to fuck, dad doesn’t fuck nor gives a fuck for a whole year, mom is frustrated, big bad wolf smells her, rape time!

Yes, it’s that simple. No big deal about it, it’s just the art that is pretty good, IMHO.
And well, I say “rape” here but I’d hardly call it really “rape” because the woman is enjoying it to some extend (well, woman enjoying sex in hentai couldn’t be any more redundant but anyway) so it’s more like a pseudo-forced-non-consensual sex. But such a tag would be too long and there’s just “Monster rape” already available so that will do it.