[ketsune]Shun Tsumami Erufu 2

Beware of content.

A weekend release. Not for the feinted heart, I guess. So, what’s this?
A CG set also commissioned by GuroLover 12 that is already available at ExH and now I’m also providing it here, with proper permission by the commissioner. But since the content could be deemed questionable I won’t be giving much previews, will only say what’s inside and if you want to check what’s in there before downloading, you can search for it at ExH.

This CG set is a gore loli set. Elf gore loli, to be more precise. There’s blood, there’s loli, there’s rape, there’s a bad end, there’s assholes monster and may cause rage among some readers. If you can’t discern between fiction and reality, I recommend you forget this and keep with your life.

What’s the plot? Hmmm….Elf village is attacked by monster (ors I guess) and the children are kidnapped and transformed into toys for the rest of their lives, which won’t be that long, despite being children. Feel the rage burning? If yes, get the hell out of here.

Feel something getting hot between your legs? Oh you pervert! Here’s the download link for you.