(C77) [Breakin' Bakery (Sakaki Utamaru, Ranmaru)] Bure Tetsu

Ok, what’s done is done and life doesn’t stops. The future is still unclear so let’s just walk along the path.
New release of the day. Bure Tetsu, a Tekken doujinshi with two stories, both featuring Lili Rochefort. The first one features her being gang-raped and the second one features her with a dick fucking Asuka Kazama.
Good stuff, though the raw quality wasn’t the best one. Had some trouble leveling it and I think some pages are not as neat as I’d like but I guess they’re still readable. File size may be a little big for some but I opted not to downsize. If needed, just shout in the comments and I’ll update the post with a downsized version.
And I believe this one was suggested somewhere, don’t know if here or in the old blog….or maybe I’m just imagining things, I don’t know.
Anyway, I’ve got a few translations already done, just needing to be checked so it’s likely that the release rate will increase shortly.