[kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital]

New release!
Another gorogoro release.
Like the previous ones, flat chested cat girl is monster raped and mind broken. Nothing too deep, but may trigger certain kind of people.

DF: [kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital][SMDC]
UL: [kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Instinct [Digital][SMDC]

[Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi

Another messed up release from gorogoro. Already translated one of their works a long time ago.
Same idea. Catgirl raped, mind broken and impregnated. Not a happy ending. Doesn’t mean you can’t fap, though.

DF: [Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi[SMDC]
UL: [Kyouryuu no Tamago (gorogoro)] Daniku no Nukarumi[SMDC]

(CSP4) [Light Garden (Hikabe Sakuho)] Tsubomi

image image

New release! This time it’s a fappable one (I guess…).
This short (yet gigantic) doujinshi is about two families and their children. The boy of one and the girl of the other. They’ve known each other since they were kids, but as they grew older, fate twisted their paths and now, the boy has a great dilemma in his hands. How will he deal with it? Which path will he choose? And why does this intro makes it sound like there’s actually some story in a hentai doujinshi?

Anyway, if my little intro enticed you, you have two download options, one resized (30mb) and another not resized (70mb). Previews and galleries are resized.

Also, according to our well known furry-o-meter, this is not furry, just simple and plain vanilla.