[Makoto Daikichi (Bee-j1)] Chihayafuru Kana-chan (Chihayafuru)

SMDC - [Makoto Daikichi (Bee-j1)] Chihayafuru Kana-chan (Chihayafuru) preview 1 SMDC - [Makoto Daikichi (Bee-j1)] Chihayafuru Kana-chan (Chihayafuru) preview 2

New release! Short CG set! Chihayafuru! What?

This is a really short set, with actually only 3 images. This was requested and since it was really short, decided to do it.

There really isn’t much going on. Again, it’s a 3 pictures CG set. It’s so short that I’ll stop writing here and leave you with the download links.




Random explanation: Yes, uplodaded is back because Juno is having problems. Will likely use uplodaded as a backup host for when one of the others is down.