[Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Kumorinochi Kankan [Digital]

DF: [Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Kumorinochi Kankan [Digital][SMDC]
JC: [Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Kumorinochi Kankan [Digital][SMDC]

New release! Tsukusun time! Death time!
Fucked up stuff, as usual with this circle. But the art is nice so I don’t care. Same as always, girl gets raped and killed. Take it or leave it, your choice. The rapist is her father. And the butler is the culprit. Enjoy. Just kidding, it’s the landlord.

[Egao ga Ichiban (Tsukusun)] Yuki Hime Kankan

A pretty fucked up story. Not so common around here, but not something new.

Decided to pick this up because the main character appealed me. Maybe it was her design, I don’t know. And there’s also the fact that I really enjoyed the art style.

Simply put, the girl wants to commit suicide but ends up being suicided. Obviously there are some other suffering events before she’s suicided.

Can be a pretty dark story, or it can be a pretty laughable one. It all depends on who’s reading. Either way, keep it to yourself whether you think it’s a dark story or not.

And I’m just leaving SFW previews and won’t put a gallery on, but don’t be deceived by those previews (nor the circle name, if you can understand it). This shit can be brutal to some readers.



(C80) [Uzigaya (Uziga Waita)] Dokudoku vol.3 (Original)

Ok, I’m fucking sad. And to represent the state of my mind right now, I’m releasing this Waita Uziga gore manga. Yes, I feel like dying (and the reason will remain undisclosed) so a gore manga seems to fit well.
Story is quite simple. Idol is “lured” to a birthday party by her fan club and shit happens!
Anyway, it’s Waita Uziga and it’s gore, so don’t expect anything cutesy, pinky and flowery. If this was colored it’d be bloody red and bloody dark, ugly and stinky, just like the usual Uziga material. Good fap material for some, repugnant material for others, just like every other fetish in the world.