[dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko

[dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko cover [dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko english preview

A new dix-sept release! This time it’s Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko, a story about a boy who gets lost in the dark and scary woods! Ok, maybe not that dark nor that scary, worry some, nonetheless.
Like every other dix-sept release, this one is about boys that looks, acts and dresses like girls. Some people like to call these dick girls or shemales if you prefer. Of course there’s always the etymological discussion but whatever. The guy have a nice ass, a nice pair of voluptuous thighs and small breasts. And a dick. What’s that? A guy on hormones…or a girl with a dick.
Right! Enough with the shitstorm!

The story is pretty much what I already said. A boy/girl/dickgirl/girly-boy/trap gets lost in the woods and thus begins adventure time! C’mon grab your friends! And let’s go to very distant lands! But no, no Finn or Jake here. But we still have girly elven boys with dicks so I guess it’s fine for most people.
And what does this release contains? Let’s see….some elven play, group sex, anal (as says the rules for trap releases), double penetration and something that we could call rape but…nah, we don’t need to be so radical, right? Every trap loves sex so there’s no way a trap can be raped.
Anyway, Mayoi no Mori also seems to be the latest dix-sept release so, yeah, enjoy it because who knows when the next one will be.



[dix-sept] Kore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No!

Kore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No! coverKore Ga Shiawasette Kotona No! sample

And here’s the last (available for now) part of this dix-sept yaoi/trap series.
In this last part we have our hero, Yuu, bringing a new superfriend to give it a try working together, side by side. But this superfriend seems to be a little stubborn and suspicious about the work, provoking the ire of the great leader (aka manager)! What terrible misadventures awaits our new character and how will Yuu cope with the stubbornness and suspicioussess of the recently brought superfriend?
The answers for these questions just one click away (ok, two…maybe three, hell, a few)!

Ok, jokes aside, this part contains some light bdsm and some golden-shower, but it’s just like the previous chapter, it’s easy to take the piss for cum so, yeah, all is fine. The piss plays a bigger role but I still don’t see it as the main focus so I’ll just leave this one under “trap”. But be warned that there’s more piss play here than in the previous chapter so if you don’t like that piss, well, imagine it’s cum.
Actually I’m in doubt if this should go under “trap” or under “alternative”, but not because of the piss, but because the characters have tits! They don’t seem like traps! They seem like shemales who went/are going through hormones and I don’t know if those would fall into “traps” or “alternative”.
Oh well, whatever. Maybe this “guys that looks like girls and even have some small tits” is a tactic to bring to the dark side of the force all the ones who’re not really fond of traps. Who knows, right?
Enough with the chat, the links are right below! I’m also releasing a v2 of the first part after taking a better look and correcting the mistakes pointed out by that guy with a strange nick. So thanks to him/her and have fun with your traps.


Downloads (volume 1, v2)


[dix-sept] あたらしいおともだち

A v2 of this release is available here.

 Atarashii Otomodachi cover Atarashii Otomodachi sample

Ok, we just had some girl-love. Now it’s time for some pseudo-girl love (aka traps)!
This is another dix-sept work, it’s part of a three-pieces series and by the looks of it, I’d say that this one is the first one.
The story goes like this: there’s a fast food where the worker messed up with a customer’s delivery order and another worker goes to save the day by going to the customer’s house to fix the problem. And they fuck. Almost like those pizza/plumber/order house services western sex settings, you know? But this one has a little twist because, well, you know, Japan.

And before anyone asks, yes, I’m also working in the other two pieces so don’t worry, you won’t be left out with half translated.

Well, have fun.



[dix-sept] めしませ!にくまん (Meshimase! Nikuman) [Digital]

Time to open the Traps category! But no, it won’t be with a Penta work. Vol 5 is still being worked on, patience.
For now all you trap fans will have to be satisfied with some meat bun! A short and simple story that goes something like this: guy finds a new meat bun store and decided to give it a try, only to find out that their buns are kinda different than what he was expecting…and there’s some fucking in-between. Fin.
Simple and straight forward. And they have cheongsan! Better yet, they have SHORT cheongsan! Holly crap that’s awesome! Sure it’d be better to have girls using them, but a trap is fine too I guess.

Download: Depositfiles

On a side note, I have a question to all trap fans about terminology related to traps. I find myself reluctant to translate the term “otoko no musume” (男の娘) as “crossdresser” because it’s obviously wrong…But I’m not sure which term suits the expression better. I’m tending to go with laydboy (like I did in this release). I also found the term “Femminiello” but I don’t know how common it is among trap readers. So, what term (besides traps, obviously) do you prefer when referring to traps? Ladyboy, Femminiello, Crossdressers, other? Leave a comment stating you preference.