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New release! Touhou doujinshi! And just like they should be!

Yes, the best Touhou doujinshi are the ones that follow this simple rule: No guys. No problem with having phallic objects, the problem is when said object is attached to someone with a Y chromosome.

Anyway, this is a Kanako×Sanae×Suwako doujinshi featuring some nice divine action and toys in a plot full of twists, deceives and, ultimately, love. Nah, it’s just a doujinshi full of sex between three girls. But it’s a nice doujinshi for all Touhou fans. And this was brought to you by colBoh.



Note: Does Suwako×Sanae action mean incest? Hmmmmmmmm….

[dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko

[dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko cover [dix-sept] Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko english preview

A new dix-sept release! This time it’s Mayoi no Mori no Otokonoko, a story about a boy who gets lost in the dark and scary woods! Ok, maybe not that dark nor that scary, worry some, nonetheless.
Like every other dix-sept release, this one is about boys that looks, acts and dresses like girls. Some people like to call these dick girls or shemales if you prefer. Of course there’s always the etymological discussion but whatever. The guy have a nice ass, a nice pair of voluptuous thighs and small breasts. And a dick. What’s that? A guy on hormones…or a girl with a dick.
Right! Enough with the shitstorm!

The story is pretty much what I already said. A boy/girl/dickgirl/girly-boy/trap gets lost in the woods and thus begins adventure time! C’mon grab your friends! And let’s go to very distant lands! But no, no Finn or Jake here. But we still have girly elven boys with dicks so I guess it’s fine for most people.
And what does this release contains? Let’s see….some elven play, group sex, anal (as says the rules for trap releases), double penetration and something that we could call rape but…nah, we don’t need to be so radical, right? Every trap loves sex so there’s no way a trap can be raped.
Anyway, Mayoi no Mori also seems to be the latest dix-sept release so, yeah, enjoy it because who knows when the next one will be.



[A.O.I (Honewo Arukemita)] Kegareta Shinsekai (Shinsekai Yori)

New release! A Shinsekai Yori doujinshi featuring don’t know who being raped and trashed by another one I don’t know who is and by some random rat-like creatures or whatever. Yes, you’ve guessed, I’ve never watched the anime nor read the manga nor know whether there’s an anime, manga or game or whatever. But the doujinshi have a range of alternative fetishes that may please some readers.
Obviously there’s rape and monster rape, which can be presumed by what I’ve wrote up until now and the cover. You’ll also find some anal raping, self-pissing and impregnation, double penetration and maybe something else that I’m forgetting now. Something I decided to call mind break is also in there, though one could call it will break or similar.
There’s no story here, really. Just plain raping and fucking and raping and screaming. The art is really nice too, so I decided to work on it. The bad thing is that this isn’t a digital version, so there are some imperfections in the image, but nothing really major, or so I believe.