[Game] VidelQuestH [RJ152094]

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New release! Another game! RPG Maker time!
This is a DBZ doujinshi game featuring none other than Videl! The best girl in DBZ? I don’t know, but the style she’s drawn for this game is pretty good if you ask me. Even the description for the game says so!

The game itself is a really simple and easy dungeon crawling. The focus is much more on the graphics during events and battle than anything else so the battle-related systems aren’t really important nor present. There are close to no items, no leveling up and it’s quite easy to finish the game so it’s a nice option for more casual players.

For the events, it contains a bit of everything. Some consensual, some forced, some rape, some tentacle. I feel like there’s something else I’m forgetting but you got the idea.

This game requires the RPG Maker VX Ace RTP. You can easily find it on the RPG Maker official site, but I’m also providing a pack with the game and the RTP. Or you can just download the game here and download the RTP elsewhere, it’s up to you. The RTP is about 185mb and the game, about 13mb. If you already downloaded/installed the RTP for any of the previous RPG Maker games, you shouldn’t need to download/install the RTP again. (though you can download here again if you want to give me a hand)

DF: [RJ152094] VidelQuestH [SMDC]
JC: [RJ152094] VidelQuestH [SMDC]
UL: [RJ152094] VidelQuestH [SMDC]

DF: [RJ152094] VidelQuestH+RTP [SMDC]